ELSE Elettronica Servizi offers free consultancy and guidance on a variety of issues: conference organization, hotels, technical equipment, data systems, interpreters, hostesses, press, logistics, coordinating billboards and posters, tickets sales, catering, photographs, drivers, gala dinners, locations for events, incentives, document translations, transcriptions of materials, convention acts, etc.

With its “Events & Communication Division”, ELSE Elettronica Servizi, is a specialist in the logistical-operative-technical coordination of prestigious International Conference Events.

Technical services
For conventions, summits, meetings and shows, the use of technical equipment is an indispensable and fundamental part of representing and communicating the event’s contents. One of the essential components towards the success of any event is the choice and management of the required technical equipment.
ELSE Elettronica Servizi tracks the evolution of technology while providing innovative resources.

Electronic voting
At conventions, conferences and meetings, when choices have to be made based on different options and possible answers, electronic voting is a powerful decision-making tool of fundamental importance - a tool enabling interaction among participants and providing fast and secure answers to questions on related issues.
ELSE Elettronica Servizi has been designing and building electronic voting systems since 1982: systems that are simple to use, accurate and fast.

Interpreting services
Over twenty years of experience have produced a network of highly trained and qualified professional interpreters with expertise in simultaneous translating, who are chosen by our Interpreter Coordinator on the basis of experience in specific terminology: literature, medical and scientific fields, legal, technical and engineering sectors, religion, computer and information technology, etc.
The guarantee of high quality service at the right price.

Simultaneous translation
Ever aware of providing full satisfaction for its customers’ needs, ELSE Elettronica Servizi offers the most up-to-date infrared digital systems, interpreting cabins with ISO 4043 certification, conference microphone systems, audio amplification systems, recording, etc., with qualified technicians and experienced professionals with the required expertise, skills and reliability for handling institutional and international events.

Sound amplification
From portable equipment for small businesses and recreational rooms to the most versatile systems for sports centers, gymnasiums, arenas, to large scale installations for convention centers, schools, shopping malls, stores, hospitals, stations, airports.
ELSE Elettronica Servizi is capable of providing the best technical solution at the best price/quality ratio.

Engineering – Architectural - Installations
Through its planning and consultancy technical services, ELSE Elettronica Servizi can resolve any building requirements, assisting customers in various operative phases and guaranteeing accurate planning conforming to specific needs. Engineers and architects with a wealth of experience in the civil and industrial commissioning sectors coordinate and develop the entire process.

From the first contact to the end of your event, Else Elettronica Servizi will be always on your side.


    • Planning and organization of events
    • Organization of secretarial services
    • Interpreters and translators
    • Hostesses in uniform
    • Preparation of rooms
    • Graphics and posters


    • Cabins for simultaneous translations
    • Amplification and microphones
    • Audiovisual equipment, PCs and monitors
    • Video screenings
    • Video, CCTV broadcasting
    • Interactive voting
    • Simultaneous teleconferencing


    • Architecture & Engineering Studio
    • Building Restructuring Works
    • Planning & Management of Work Projects
    • Furnishing Convention Centers and Structures
    • Special, Electrical Systems
    • Solar Panel, Lighting Systems
    • Turnkey Convention Halls

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